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Falcoon Platform

Falcoon is a smart online email marketing platform that allows users to create accounts and to manage their mailing lists to email clients within predesigned attractive templates in a friendly and simple user interfaces without the need for IT or programming backgrounds, which makes this platform one of the smartest and easiest platforms

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the ability to use art and skill to create attractive and unique visuals. As In this competitive world of business. At GRAPHISTA we work with our clients to show the real value of their products and services through attractive and unique designs.

Web Development

Website development is a necessity for any business as it is the first contact between a company and its potential customers. At GRAPHISTA we make sure that our clients’ websites reflects their products and services quality with professional design.

Printing & Packaging

We provide all kinds of printing services such as catalogs, flyers, stationary, street sign boards…etc. We ensure gaining high levels of customer satisfaction by dealing with the best presses in Turkey and around the world

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With determination , passion, vision and GRAPHISTA there will be no limitations to what you can achieve, you can reach your goals and beyond

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